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--The Chelsea Art Society Summer Exhibition takes place at Chelsea Old Town Hall from the 12th to the 17th of June 2024. Admission is free.

Open daily from 10am to 6pm, with the final day closing at 2pm.

Being part of the Chelsea Art Society, Susanna has four paintings featured in this week's Summer Exhibition.

The Henley Royal Regatta Gallery will be located in the Stewards Enclosure from 2nd to 7th July 2024.

This year, Susanna is thrilled to showcase six paintings at Henley Royal Regatta. It marks her debut collaboration with the gallery, and she has created this collection specifically for the event.

--Visit Susanna's Solo Exhibition at

The Aldeburgh Gallery, 143 High Street, Aldeburgh IP15 5AN

1st to 7th August 2024.

Open daily from 10am to 5pm.

Open late for viewing on Saturday 3rd August 6-9pm. All Welcome

Aldeburgh Yacht Club Junior Regatta Sponsor

@pindroppainter Susanna MacInnes is thrilled to show her support for the Aldeburgh Yacht Club Junior and Youth Regatta this year. Renowned for her on-location painting style, Susanna has dedicated many enjoyable hours capturing the scenes along the Alde river, as well as around the Yacht Club and the local vicinity. Susanna will be showcasing her latest collection of Oil paintings at The Aldeburgh Gallery, located at 143 High Street, Aldeburgh, from the 1st to the 7th of August 2024. Members of AYC are cordially invited to the Private View event on Saturday, the 3rd of August, from 6 to 8 pm.

Susanna (née Forestier-Walker) and her family have enjoyed sailing on the Alde river for five generations.

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It was a huge privilege to be given a pod at the LAOTY semi final.

Even though I have lived in London for twenty two years, I had not visited the Thames barrier park before. It is a wonderfully open spot with clever planting and landscaping. A spot for contemplation and relaxing. You really feel like you've got away from it all, as it's so far away!

Ahead of painting there, I looked up the mechanics of the barrier and I was so impressed with the rotating gates and the engine houses constructed to power them. The engine houses themselves are clad in a silvery metal which changes with the light and reflects the weather and water around them. They were fascinating structures to paint.

The other artists were, like I was, supercharged from winning their own heats and raring to go. Whatever we did at the semi finals needed to echo our previous works and impress the judges further. To pull it out of the bag, risks needed to be taken: the challenge met head on, just enough to produce a successful painting and stand out from the rest. 

My first thought was composition. I really wanted to anchor the engine houses onto the canvas and give a sense of space as well as bring in colour and a strong dynamic. Getting to grips with the structures was a priority. I chose first a 12" x 12" oil primed linen board so that I could get the drawing part right. The painting progressed quickly and the foreground started to take shape.

I toyed with the idea of adding in the handrail and including a figure. At one point, Kate Bryant leant on the rail in front of me which might have been a good addition to the foreground. See the photo that I took of her.

To avoid overworking the painting, I decided to stop and start a larger canvas to see if I could size up the subject. Going large freed up my brushstrokes and paint movement, introducing a fluid freedom to the marks. Having already got to grips with the shapes and structures in the small painting, I was far more confident in laying down the composition.

There wasn't enough time to finish the larger painting, so I decided to submit the smaller one, as it was complete, and I felt confident that it represented my approach and style.


Ultimately, the competition was high. I was intrigued to see how we had all interpreted the view and made it our own.

I learnt so many lessons, the most important being to push boundaries and park my comfort zones at a safe distance and push through to see what else I can achieve. In this instance perhaps if I had chosen a larger canvas on the outset, and used more luscious paint, I might have stood out amongst the other heat winners.

Despite not getting through to the final, I had a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the other artists. It was exciting to watch the episode for the first time and it gave me a boost to hear what the judges had said about my work at the time.

In conversation with the other judges Tai Shan Sheerenberg said,

'The way the eye travels through the painting. It's all very well thought through and it works. But she's a colourist. I really like to see her use, to kind of push a bit further.'

'I love the way Susanna’s constructed the painting. That high horizon leads us very cleverly through that gap. But what I like are the colours and the light. I mean that green, it’s luminescent. You know there’s a deep pool of Thames there.

Kate Bryant said,

'She made a lovely decision early on which is to find a pathway through the barriers.'

'The sky is just gorgeous to look at and actually the Thames barriers themselves. The objects. I think they're the most compelling for me. I think they're absolutely fantastic.'

The judging process

Waiting for the results

Relaxing at the end of the day!

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Would you like to join me? The dates are:

Saturday 7th - Wednesday 11 October 2023

I'm often asked if I teach or take groups painting and now the opportunity has arrived!

Together with Karen Simmonds, founder of multi award winning travel agency, 'Travel Matters.' We look forward to spending four nights by Loch Tay, sharing and enjoying the delights of not only painting by the Loch but also swimming in it!

Click on the Travel Matters link for further information and Booking


A unique bespoke Outdoor Painting & Wild Swimming Retreat on the banks of Loch Tay, Scotland - Saturday 7 - Wednesday 11 October 2023

In a magnificent Edwardian Lodge on the banks of Loch Tay, this outstanding new retreat runs for four nights and five days, facilitated by Plein air Artist, Susanna MacInnes and wild swimmer Karen Simmonds. Morning swims in Loch Tay with invaluable information on safely swimming in cold water and the health benefits therein, will be followed by a painting session until lunchtime, then the afternoons are yours. Roam in the spectacular countryside surrounding the lodge, ancient woodlands, cascading burns and the nearby mythical Waterfalls of Archan, all looked over by the brooding Ben Lawers mountain range. You are cordially invited to take a step into the great unknown, and emerge rejuvenated, creative and inspired.

The Edwardian Lodge

  • Breakfasts, Lunches & Evening Meals will be catered for by a private chef giving you time to enjoy the majestic views over Loch Tay.

  • All Activities are included.

The Morning Dip

We will swim in Loch Tay each morning, and learn how to safely swim in cold water with breathing techniques, how to heat up your core and understand what happens to our bodies during and after immersion. You will experience the transforming benefits of cold water to the system, from improved circulation, muscle relief from pain and mental health. We will encourage you to feel the full benefits of cold water to body and mind by not wearing a wetsuit! Whether you just put a toe in, or swim for several minutes, we go at your pace.

The Painting Session

Over four mornings between 10am and 1pm. Susanna is passionate about painting from, and in nature. She welcomes all artists from the occasional painter to those who aim to paint every day. Loch Tay and the surrounding estate are bursting with inspiring subjects as well as an ever changing landscape exuding atmosphere

On this course Susanna will explore different aspects of outdoor painting from the practicalities of painting outside, choosing a composition, capturing light, water and reflections and working in oils. An opportunity to share work and benefit from each other’s ideas will be encouraged at the end of each day.

The Daily Programme

You will be given a sketch book at the beginning and are encouraged to sketch each day. We prefer you not to have your phones on you except for taking pictures at swim and walk times, and check it only when you are in your rooms. There is a large stone built ‘Snug’ with a significant open fire and Library, also with open fire, television, baby grand piano and media and entertainment room if required. We will also have times around the firepit outside and inside around the fire to sing around the piano, talk and gather.

Photo Credit Gary Ellis Sample Itinerary

•8am. Swim in Loch Tay

•9am. Breakfast

•10am. Painting demonstration

•10.30am. Painting session

•1.15pm. Lunch & Free Afternoon*

•4pm. A final dip before sunset for the brave at heart!

•6pm relax and reading/sketching time

•7pm. Drinks in “Snug”, sharing of the day

•8pm. Dinner

*The afternoons are optional to paint or walk (there will be group walks if required)

Your Hosts

Susanna MacInnes specialises in oil painting outdoors in all weathers and lights. She studied Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University and Ecole des Beaux Arts, Rennes. A professional Artist for over twenty years, exhibiting annually in London and Suffolk. She featured as a contestant on Skyarts Landscape Artist of the year and is known on social media as @pindroppainter. To view her work visit her website

Member of the Chelsea Art Society and Chelsea Arts Club

Karen Simmonds is the Founder & CEO of Travel Matters. Karen has been providing tailor made holidays & experiences for 23 years. Her hunger for adventure has symbiotically merged with her sense of Sustainability, which inherently paved the way for the Make Travel Matter™ Campaign – aimed to ensure economic prosperity, social equality and environmental & cultural protection. Karen is an avid open-water swimmer and is well known amongst the SW swimming community.

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