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Isolation / Lockdown

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic my series of magnolia tree hunt paintings had to come to a premature end. My bicycle stored away in the shed. What next? I love painting interiors so that was an option, however with the brilliant weather forecast it seemed crazy to stay indoors. There's a little trap door out to our flat roof where we only ever go to watch fireworks. I thought I'd pop out there for some inspiration.

After a week up there, I painted seven pictures, six of which turned out really well, and they've only scratched the surface of capturing what's out there. There's still so much to paint, in different weathers and times of day. Thank goodness for the roof at this very strange season in all our lives. I hope that through my paintings I can share something of the emotions that I am going through over this time and that the viewer can in some way connect with a shared feeling as we are all going through this time together- the highs and the lows. View my latest page on roof top views to see how I've got on.

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