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Isolation / Lockdown - One Month In

With the first month of lockdown behind us (these are strange times), I have now painted over 30 pictures from my roof! There is so much to take in. From the jutting shapes of the skyscrapers in the distance, the chimney pots, the blocks of flats, to the more intimate views of the street below. Each view comes into its own according to the time of day, the light, the changing seasons. I've been enjoying playing with compositions and focussing in on particular chimney pots and buildings to provide structure and interesting surfaces for the light to bounce off. As with Matisse who famously saw everyday objects as "actors" within his paintings, I see the chimney pots themselves as "actors" providing structure to pin my compositions around.

So what next? Well, for the present, I will be up on the roof! I have plans to paint more nocturnes as well as to have a go at getting some bigger canvases and brushes up there. Keep checking my page on rooftop views which I am regularly updating.

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