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Studio Update 2021

Lately I have become glued to the weather forecast! If it's sunny, I'll plan to dash out with my paints, and if rainy to finish off paintings in the warmth of my kitchen.

It's been a huge relief to come out of the third lockdown having felt so stuck in limbo, quite literally clock watching and marking time whilst painting the clocktower of my local church. At least there I found inspiration and ultimately the building blocks for exploration and creativity.

Now out and about again, I was invited by the Revd Canon Frog Orr-Ewing to paint in the ancient fruit tree orchards at Stampwell Farm. It really is an incredible place and exactly what I needed. It's so lovely in fact, that I will be having a celebratory exhibition there over the weekend of 10th-11th July 2021

I encourage you to come and join me!

The exhibition will highlight this extraordinary year with paintings from my London rooftop and surroundings, and the awakening of spring at Stampwell Farm as we all head back into a new normal.

I have felt so encouraged and supported over this last year by friends and followers on social media, as they have joined me on this journey in paint and I would adore to share this exhibition and beautiful place. Come and see, and if you feel like it, bring your paints!

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