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My Mum needs a hug

Today I saw my lovely parents who only live down the road. I see them regularly but what we all really miss are hugs! There's just so much uncertainty in the current climate of what we can or can't do, as well as what we will be able to do and therefore it's so hard to make plans. That in turn makes it hard to put goals on the horizon to aim towards.

One such goal I had in my sites was an big exhibition planned for February 2021 in Mayfair. I booked the gallery in advance three years ago! I have been painting towards that goal for the last three years alongside my commissions. Of course what I thought would be an exhibition of seascapes and interiors has taken a very different direction as I found my inspiration far closer to home with the views from my roof and my surrounding area. Thankfully I got to my happy place of Aldeburgh where I spent a month over the summer.

There's really no point in worrying about what the future holds for my big show, so in the meantime I've decided to make my website more user friendly in the hope that in the run up to Christmas, my followers and friends find homes for the paintings in my collection. The good news is that you don't need to wait until February! Lets look on the bright side, we will get through this! Sending virtual hugs to everyone!

Susanna x

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