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Today I saw my lovely parents who only live down the road. I see them regularly but what we all really miss are hugs! There's just so much uncertainty in the current climate of what we can or can't do, as well as what we will be able to do and therefore it's so hard to make plans. That in turn makes it hard to put goals on the horizon to aim towards.

One such goal I had in my sites was an big exhibition planned for February 2021 in Mayfair. I booked the gallery in advance three years ago! I have been painting towards that goal for the last three years alongside my commissions. Of course what I thought would be an exhibition of seascapes and interiors has taken a very different direction as I found my inspiration far closer to home with the views from my roof and my surrounding area. Thankfully I got to my happy place of Aldeburgh where I spent a month over the summer.

There's really no point in worrying about what the future holds for my big show, so in the meantime I've decided to make my website more user friendly in the hope that in the run up to Christmas, my followers and friends find homes for the paintings in my collection. The good news is that you don't need to wait until February! Lets look on the bright side, we will get through this! Sending virtual hugs to everyone!

Susanna x

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With the first month of lockdown behind us (these are strange times), I have now painted over 30 pictures from my roof! There is so much to take in. From the jutting shapes of the skyscrapers in the distance, the chimney pots, the blocks of flats, to the more intimate views of the street below. Each view comes into its own according to the time of day, the light, the changing seasons. I've been enjoying playing with compositions and focussing in on particular chimney pots and buildings to provide structure and interesting surfaces for the light to bounce off. As with Matisse who famously saw everyday objects as "actors" within his paintings, I see the chimney pots themselves as "actors" providing structure to pin my compositions around.

So what next? Well, for the present, I will be up on the roof! I have plans to paint more nocturnes as well as to have a go at getting some bigger canvases and brushes up there. Keep checking my page on rooftop views which I am regularly updating.

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Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic my series of magnolia tree hunt paintings had to come to a premature end. My bicycle stored away in the shed. What next? I love painting interiors so that was an option, however with the brilliant weather forecast it seemed crazy to stay indoors. There's a little trap door out to our flat roof where we only ever go to watch fireworks. I thought I'd pop out there for some inspiration.

After a week up there, I painted seven pictures, six of which turned out really well, and they've only scratched the surface of capturing what's out there. There's still so much to paint, in different weathers and times of day. Thank goodness for the roof at this very strange season in all our lives. I hope that through my paintings I can share something of the emotions that I am going through over this time and that the viewer can in some way connect with a shared feeling as we are all going through this time together- the highs and the lows. View my latest page on roof top views to see how I've got on.

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